IC Layout Engineering Skills Training

This course led by industry expert Hsuan-An Chen, Senior Manager at eMemory, is a specialized IC Layout skills training program offered by PUFacademy. eMemory, a key player in the semiconductor industry with over 20 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge as the world's largest provider of logic non-volatile memory silicon intellectual property. The program aims to train individuals as "IC Layout Engineers” to be equipped with professional IC Layout skills before entering the semiconductor industry. PUFacademy serves as a stepping stone for passionate students interested in IC Layout, boosting their career in the industry and helping them realize their goals.

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Expert Faculty

'IC Layout Engineering Skills Training' is led by Hsuan-An Chen, Senior Manager at eMemory who brings his expertise to the course.

Being an IC Layout expert with two decades of experience in the semiconductor industry, Manager Chen was once a beginner with a background in mechanics. Knowing the possible challenges along the way, he will share his experiences and skills for conquering these challenges step by step throughout the course. Manager Chen hopes that his experiences will be helpful for students on their path to success in the IC Layout field.



In the semiconductor industry, IC Layout design plays a pivotal role, serving as the crucial step in translating circuit design into the physical drafting for chip manufacturing. In IC Layout design, meticulous planning and arrangement are required for every component, wire, and even layer stack to ensure that the chip achieves maximum performance within the minimal area. A high-quality and effective layout design not only ensures the overall chip performance but also sufficient process tolerance under various manufacturing parameters.

If you find the terminology above unfamiliar, don't worry! Through this training program, you will not only master the professional skills of IC Layout but also gain a deep understanding of industry terminology., By the end of the training, you will achieve the three phases of  "Understanding, Articulating, and Executing" with precision.




This course is suitable for someone who:

• seeks opportunities to enter the semiconductor industry.

• aspires to develop a specialized skill for a lifelong career.

• values mutual growth in collaboration.

• enjoys hands-on activities and derives achievements from completing projects.

• is without a relevant background but has the ambition to learn IC Layout.



This course will provide you with:

• An expert-recognized competency certification.

• Layout techniques based on industry standards.

• A progressive teaching approach akin to industry newcomer training.

• IC layout concepts applicable to all process nodes.

• Comprehensible learning materials for individuals without relevant backgrounds.


Course Information:

Instructor: Hsuan-An Chen, Senior Manager at eMemory

Location: Room 36 at eMemory office
Duration: 408 hours
Cost: Free
Target: College graduates and above (no relevant background required)
Schedule: Mon., Wed., and Fri. 09:00-18:00 (operation practice available on Tues. and Thurs.)

Course Outline

• Ch1 | Linux Operation

• Ch2 | Layout Software Operation
• Ch3 | Technology Process
• Ch4 | Design Rule
• Ch5 | Standard Cell Layout Design
• Ch6 | Logic Circuit Layout Techniques and Implementation
• Ch7 | Analog Circuit Layout Techniques and Implementation
• Ch8 | ESD Layout Techniques and Implementation
• Ch9 | Project Planning and Integration


To ensure the quality of the course, the enrollment for this program is limited to 10 participants. After submitting your resume(CV), individual interviews will be arranged if suitable. During the training period, participants are required to achieve an attendance rate of 85% and obtain a final score of 80 or above to qualify for the training completion certificate.

In the application form, you have the option to attend an orientation session before making a decision to enroll in the course.

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