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Founded by PUFsecurity, PUFacademy is a hardware security education platform. We bridge the gap between industry and academia, and raise global awareness of hardware security, starting with talent development.

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Latest News

Design of Chip Security

Starting on February 19, 2024

The second year 'Design of Chip Security' is scheduled to start on February 19, 2024. For detailed information, please refer to the course outline. (Admission fulled)

IC Layout Training

Starting on August 21, 2023

Due to overwhelming demand, registration for the third year of 'IC Layout Engineering Skills Training' has closed early on June 12, 2023. For detailed information, please refer to the course outline.

Available Courses

Hardware Security Tutorial Series

This series includes four courses with a total duration of 136 hours, focusing on hardware security. Participants can customize their learning experience by selecting courses based on the courses map.

Basic | Hardware Security Theory and Practices (8h Online)

Advanced | Introduction to Hardware Security (54h In-person)

Professional | Design of Chip Security (54h In-person)

Exellence | Key Technologies in Hardware Security (20h Online)

IC Layout Engineering Skills Training

This is a 408-hour professional skills training program designed for individuals with no prior experience. The course difficulty is tailored to beginners, with the goal of nurturing "Integrated Circuit Layout Engineers." Following a teaching approach that simulates industry training for newcomers, this training program provides participants with content that closely aligns with industry practices.

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