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Course Outline

‘Key Technologies in Hardware Security' is the excellence-level course in the 'Hardware Security Tutorial Series'. It condenses all technical theories required for designing secure hardware modules and is the most advanced course in the series. It is designed for individuals seeking expertise in chip security technology. It is a 20-hours course and available on our YouTube channel. It covers six major topics, allowing students to learn freely based on personal needs:

• Topic 1 Fundamentals of Cryptography

• Topic 2 PUF-based Hardware Root of Trust

• Topic 3 Physical Unclonable Function (PUF)

• Topic 4 Implementation of True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

• Topic 5 Chip Encryption Algorithms Design

• Topic 6 Chip Anti-Tampering Design

Each technical introduction in this course is presented in a progressively detailed manner, making it accessible for students without any related background. It serves as a valuable, free learning resource for individuals aiming to deepen their understanding of chip security technology and enhance their professional skills.

In this course, you will learn

• Theoretical foundations of chip security

• Technologies, concepts, and considerations for hardware roots of trust design

• Balancing security and performance during IC design

• Practical design methods for implementing TRNG, cryptographic algorithms, and PUF on circuits

• Optimization techniques and examples for secure IC

• Passing NIST tests and verification for TRNG

• Chip thread models and corresponding anti-tampering designs

Course Preview

Key Technologies in Hardware Security Lesson 1

You can preview the first lesson on this site. The complete course is freely available on our YouTube channel. Feel free to click the button below to start learning.

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