Hardware Security Tutorial Series

The Hardware Security Tutorial Series is a free training program on hardware security, covering information from fundamental theories to hands-on design practices. The series is delivered by industry experts Dr. Evans Yang, Executive VP, and Dr. Meng-Yi Wu, R&D Director at PUFsecurity. Participants will learn in-depth chip security knowledge and gain practical experiences by working on design projects using languages like C, Python, Verilog, FPGA, etc.



Expert Faculty

The 'Hardware Security Tutorial Series' is led by Dr. Evans Yang, Executive VP, Dr. Meng-Yi Wu, R&D Director, and the R&D team at PUFsecurity. Delving into IC security design technologies and practical skills, it aims to cultivate students' ability to be secure IC design engineers. PUFsecurity's commitment to talent development and social contribution is reflected in the establishment of PUFacademy, which empowers students interested in hardware security, helping them thrive in the industry and fulfill their goals.


What is Hardware Security?


When you store confidential documents in a safe with a sophisticated lock, it's considered a good security measure.

However, if the matching key is placed in an easily accessible location, the overall security is sabotaged.


This is why relying solely on software is insufficient for confidential data protection. While powerful encryption algorithms can secure data, the keys used for encryption also require secure storage and management, such as Hardware Security Modules (HSM) or secure memory. Hence, the Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) is developed, serving as a hardware component to safeguard the most critical keys in the system.


Have you heard of terms like HRoT, Zero Trust, HSM, and TPM 2.0, but you are unfamiliar with them? Don't worry! The 'Hardware Security Tutorial Series' will guide you through all aspects from secure IC to secure hardware device. This series aims to take participants from begineers to chip security design experts.


The Tutorial Series is designed for someone who:

• aspires individuals entering the semiconductor industry, regardless of background.

• is interested in enhancing hardware security and preventing physical attacks.

• is enthusiastic about hardware security.

• enjoys hands-on projects based on specific goals.

 Are you ready to improve your skill set from 0 to 10 with our tutorial series?

Courses Map

Courses Outline

Professional | Design of Chip Security (In-person)

The professional course within the 'Hardware Security Tutorial Series' is offered at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU). It was delivered in 2023 by Dr. Meng-Yi Wu, R&D Director at PUFsecurity. The course introduces fundamental knowledge of IC design processes and Verilog Students will also work on FPGA board projects and use hardware languages and EDA tools to practice crypto engine design, testing, and verification.

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