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Course Outline

The course 'Hardware Security Theory and Practices' is the entry-level session in the 'Hardware Security Tutorial Series', offered by PUFacademy ShareCoures. The course covers four chapters:

Ch1 International Standards and Regulations

Ch2 Hardware Root of Trust

Ch3 Markets Ecosystem in Hardware Security

Ch4 Concepts of Hardware Security Design

To ensure widespread market adoption, standardization is crucial. Therefore, the course begins with addressing the question: "What international standards does a product must meet for market requirements?" This course will gradually unveil the mysteries behind hardware security starting from the crucial question.

In this course, you will:

• Quickly grasp common hardware security standards, specifications, and requirements.

• Understand the types and applications of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF).

• Master a comprehensive overview of the chip security product market.

• Familiarize with the design architecture, various functional units, implementation methods, and attack and defense mechanisms

Course Preview

Hardware Security Theory and Practices Lesson 1

You can preview the first lesson on this site. The complete course is freely available on our YouTube channel. Feel free to click the button below to start learning.

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